Backgammon World Champions


Backgammon is developing in prominence today, yet it really has a long history. Though online Backgammon is still relatively new which has generated a mainstream appeal amongst the individuals who like to play matches from the solace of their own homes, regardless it hasn’t exactly caught the same popularity appeal of other games like Poker.

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Collecting Antique Backgammon Boards


Backgammon can turn into an enthusiasm, and an over the top player may get themselves so submerged in the game that they find themselves collecting Backgammon sets and related stuffs. Many people collect vintage or antique things while others have pieces in their home that were left to them from deceased family members. Antique is

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Backgammon World Championship


You’ve known of the World Championship for chess, yet unless you’re a major fanatic of Backgammon, you won’t not know that there’s really a World Series of Backgammon around as well. Backgammon becoming considerably in prominence both online and offline. The primary big world championship competition of backgammon was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in

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The World’s Most Modern Backgammon Board!


For a backgammon player that wants to extraordinary matches, the Vega Backgammon Set conveys the traditional game to the cutting edge of modern technology. The Backgammon Vega by French company Deuce is a piece of art, design and innovation features embedded LED light display points, doubling cube, dice and scoring with modern yet minimalist aesthetics.

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2 Most Expensive Backgammon Set

Geoffrey Parker’s Diamond Backgammon Set Since the time of his career in year 1958, Geoffrey Parker, a conventional British producer of world`s finest bespoke games and gifts has been creating extraordinary products for the world`s extravagant stores, gambling clubs, corporations and private commissions. After launching most expensive poker set in the world, priced at a

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The Priming Game In Backgammon


Backgammon is a game that’s all about strategy. Players require to do everything using their skills as well as a bit of luck to get their checkers to their home board first and keep their opponent from doing the same.   One essential backgammon strategy you’re certain to get comfortable with is known as a

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Backgammon Holding Game Strategy


Players won’t generally be fruitful in making primes in backgammon.  An exceptionally common circumstance you’ll wind up yourself in, will be a holding game. This backgammon strategy makes utilization of anchors or points made in key spots on the board. In a holding game, both players are for all intents and purposes holding each other

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Playing Backgammon With Skills And Fortune


The debate over which class Backgammon falls in has occurred all through its history that dates the distance back to old times.  Backgammon is indeed a game that depends on the players’ fortunes and skills. The debate over which class Backgammon falls in has occurred all through its history that dates the distance back to

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Backgammon Board: Your Game Checkers!


Checkers are available in several different materials including Alabaster, Wood, and Urea, as well as vary in size. You may know them as backgammon men, stones, counters, chips, pawns, or checkers, but no matter what you call them, these game pieces is very important to play the game. Designed in various colors, weights, sizes and

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