Various Types of Backgammon Set


Backgammon is considered as the most established game and has been around for quite a while in different areas around the world. With its astounding dice, checkers and board, backgammon has become to be very much enjoyed among all age bunches throughout the hundreds of years. In a few areas, players may appreciate this game

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Backgammon Tips: Winning at Backgammon


Winning at backgammon requires both luck and ability. A normal player can win a game or short match against a specialist player if they get good dice rolls. But in the long run, the skilled player has a noteworthy favorable position. There are numerous approaches to discover great backgammon technique to win. In the event

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Backgammon Board Game: Tapa


Tapa Tapa is a version of Backgammon played in Bulgaria and Macedonia. It is additionally played in Greece, where it is known as Plakoto. The word tapa implies bottle cap. Some sources say that Plakoto and Tapa are two board games for two players, cousins of Backgammon, in which the playing pieces are moved according

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Backgammon Game: Nark Ballard’s Nackgammon


Nackgammon or “Nack” for short is a variant of backgammon. It utilizes the same backgammon board and accessories, its objectives and guidelines are the same, the main distinction between it and traditional backgammon is the setup of the backgammon board. This variation tends to prompt games which put more emphasis on priming and back games,

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Backgammon Game: How to Play Acey Deucey

Backgammon boards can be utilized for significantly more than simply playing backgammon. There are numerous other wonderful games you can play.One exceptionally well known and faster-paced rendition or variation of backgammon is Acey Deucey. Since there are diverse approaches to play the game, we’ll just talk Acey Deucey as a representative example of the game.

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